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people who love people people

As some of you may know, our community was blessed to be included as part of a panel discussion on asset-based community development during ACU’s Summit. One thing we were asked to do in preparation for that event was to prepare a short presentation giving a visual introduction to us and our life together, which was accompanied at the event this morning by Josh telling a little bit of our story.

And while we won’t claim that this presentation is all that amazing (our time was limited!), we thought we’d still share the end product with you. Maybe someday we’ll be cool enough and have enough time to put together something more professional, but in the meantime, we hope that you enjoy this. Thanks for being wonderful—and, yes, I mean you!





a sign from God

In our moment of need, God brought a sign from the past that we couldn’t have ever anticipated. This story is one you’ve GOT to hear!

Ben’s narration of an evening

Here’s an opportunity to hear a little bit from our friend Ben Covington about his take on an experience we had in the first week of April, when we spent an evening with some of our peers discerning what God might be up to among us with the St. Ann building. Ben’s got quite a way with words!

For a class that Josh and Ben and I are taking at ACU, Stephen Johnson’s Contexts of Ministry class, we were asked to spend some time narrating stories of the ministerial contexts we have chosen. For the three of us, our context is the College Heights neighborhood and whatever it is that God’s up to around the St. Ann hospital. When it came time to work on this narration, I couldn’t pick out one specific moment; for me the story of the most interest was the metanarrative of what God had been doing. Here are my initial thoughts on the matter. Unpolished as they may be, I hope they’re a blessing to you.

St. Ann Beginnings

On April 1, we at the St. Ann Community were pleased to take some fellow ministry students from ACU on a tour of the outside of the St. Ann hospital building, showing them around the place that had so quickly become important to us as a part of our God-given dream. Later that afternoon, we were also able to take a second look at the inside of the building. You’ll be hearing some from the current owner/realtor James (in the black baseball cap) as he shows us around, a little from our friends Kent (with the bushy beard and glasses) and Roger (in the blue shirt) as they take a look, and you’ll hear some of our initial observations about the condition of the building. As you’ll be able to see from the videos below, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, both on the inside and the outside. Still, though, we can imagine a time in the future when this building has been restored through by and for the people of the College Heights neighborhood.