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people who love people people

As some of you may know, our community was blessed to be included as part of a panel discussion on asset-based community development during ACU’s Summit. One thing we were asked to do in preparation for that event was to prepare a short presentation giving a visual introduction to us and our life together, which was accompanied at the event this morning by Josh telling a little bit of our story.

And while we won’t claim that this presentation is all that amazing (our time was limited!), we thought we’d still share the end product with you. Maybe someday we’ll be cool enough and have enough time to put together something more professional, but in the meantime, we hope that you enjoy this. Thanks for being wonderful—and, yes, I mean you!





community updates…

So a few things have changed since the first time we told you about ourselves on this blog.  For the life of me, I can’t decide how to order the telling of those changes, and will therefore order them using the first method that I remember learning in grade school…alphabetically.  (Interestingly enough, after I decided to order them alphabetically, I realized that this actually places them in chronological order as well.  Looking back, that probably would have been the more logical choice in the first place.)

First of all, Drew Bowen took some time out of his busy schedule of scholastics and racial reconciliation to marry the love of his life…the talented, energetic, hilarious and beautiful Amanda “Panda” (Shoemaker) Bowen.  Amanda grew up in Dubai, where her parents still work as teachers.  Amanda works at Lee Elementary in Abilene, where she spends most of her time loving on special education children grades 1-4.  The two of them first met at Texas A&M University, and eventually Drew was able to win her heart through his rugged good looks, excellent leadership qualities, and embodiment of the word “persistent.”  Amanda and Drew currently live near campus, next door to our good friends Laura and Adam Hollifield.

Benjamin Covington, a long-time friend of our community, joined us this Summer as we moved to College Heights.  Ben is a Master of Divinity student at ACU, with emphasis in Missions and “being a Jew like Jesus.”  He loves baking, sewing, giving massages (not joking), and reading ancient near-eastern texts.  He has been living in our living room for the past three months, but will soon move into Laura’s old bedroom, while Laura will be moving into the Kirby’s old bedroom, which leads us to our next bit of news…

Deborah and Joshua Kirby have moved into a new house two doors down, greatly expanding the square footage that we are able to cover in our partying and merriment.  It is a lovely, large home with plenty of room for Ann and Julian (our cats) to run around and plenty of space for guests and visitors.  Like several houses in our neighborhood, their house had previously been condemned, but has been reclaimed over the past several months.  We are very excited for them to have more space to hold all of the babies that they will undoubtedly begin producing very soon…pictures to come.

Keith Owens has finished his time in graduate school, and has recently been hired by ACU!  He will be working with technology services, a field in which he has great passion, skill, and experience.  In fact, the computer that I am currently typing at would not currently be usable were it not for his services.  Mad props, brother.  Mad props.

Those are the main updates for individuals.  Of course, life is always happening with everyone in the community.  John and Shannon are still John and Shannon, bouncing around making the world a brighter place.  I’ll get to see them in about 30 minutes at Hope Church of Christ, where The Light Parade will be playing tonight.  Laura is still wonderful, but that comes as no great surprise to anyone that knows her.  She’s in the kitchen cleaning something, as is often her way.  I can hear music being played from a car parked a couple of houses down, and I wonder if our elderly neighbor is considering telling them to turn it down (Harley, if you read this, I’m talking about someone else).  We met a young man across the street the other day, and he now likes to come by and tell us about his theories on politics and music…to give you a general idea of the nature of these theories, he’s positive that Obama is the anti-Christ.

And I can’t imagine my life without any of these people.  Come by and see us sometime.